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We have listed a few facts below to help you make your mind up in deciding where to purchase an oak dining table set from.  All online retailers are not the same! View some of our new YouTube Furniture Video's


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1. China

The majority of our oak tables are made in Lithuania from high grade oak.  Why you may ask? Because Lithuania offers some of the best quality oak in the world with a nice even grain and the European manufacturers have far better quality control and machinery meaning that the finished dining table is of a far higher quality.  Most dining tables that you will find on the internet are made in China where volumes are more important than quality.  Much of the oak that is used to make Chinese tables hasn't been dried out properly in kilns meaning that when it arrives in a nice warm centrally heated UK home the remaining moisture in the wood finally escapes from the wood leaving it prone to splitting after a few months.  We have never had a single complaint about on of our European made tables splitting, that's a fact.  Most of the Chinese tables also use a technique called lamination which is where small sections of wood are glued together to make up larger parts of the tables.  This technique would be fine if the pieces of oak that were used were of a uniform grain and colour but unfortunately this is rarely the case and you will often find unsightly light and dark pieces of wood side by side and the contrasting appearance will only get worse over time as sunlight mellows the wood.  The high level of quality control within Europe mean that only the best hand selected oak is used and lower grade light and dark strips are not used meaning that the finished table is beautiful in appearance.  We haven't mentioned the poor conditions that many Chinese workers are subjected to or the forests that are getting stripped bare with no regard for the environment or future generations but I'm sure that you get the point.  Chinese tables are cheap and you get what you pay for.  If you want a top quality dining table buy from a European factory, better still a Lithuanian factory.

2. Environment

Many of our extending oak tables are made by a manufacturer in Lithuania that is applying for some certification which means that it has to source oak from forests that are properly managed meaning that they are doing what they can to reduce the environmental impact of taking the wood from the land.  We feel very strongly about this and are striving to source over 80% of the oak that we use in our furniture from sustainable forests by 2015.  We hope to announce in the next few months that the oak used for our European Oak Minsk tables is fully certified to allow it to meet the strict guidelines of FSC certification as the manufacturer is currently going through the application process for this accreditation at the moment.

3. Price

The reason that most internet retailers offer Chinese tables is simple. They are far cheaper to buy which means that retailers can make a higher margin and more profits.  We have avoided Chinese made tables until now as we feel quality is more important and our margins are lower than our competitors as we buy and sell in larger volumes and run the business very efficiently with low overheads.  Prices for our European made tables are still competitively priced compared to any similar Chinese designs as we are not greedy and don't add silly margins unlike the small number of other retailers offering higher quality European tables.  Our Solid Oak Minsk Table priced at £139 is proof that European oak tables don't have to be very expensive.

4. Quality

We source the majority of our oak backed dining chairs from Europe for all the reason stated above.  The quality is exceptional and we refuse to use laminated oak within the contemporary slatted and ladder back designs that we offer as we think its worth paying a few euros extra to the extra quality and we feel that our customers agree with us.  Returns and faulty furniture are a rarity and we want to keep it that way by sourcing the best quality we can find.

5. Service

Over the past few years it has become clear to us that the customer service that some of our competitors offer is very poor.  We have had numerous sales from customers who had previously ordered elsewhere and had then requested a refund after receiving poor quality or on many occasions they were still waiting for their order to be delivered.  Service is our number one priority along with the quality of our products at OakDiningSets Ltd.  By sourcing from the same factories that have supplied the likes of BHS & Laura Ashley the quality is as good as it gets.  We wont give you the run around like many others do.  If we say an item will be delivered within 1 - 2 weeks then this will happen.  On the odd occasion that a customer has a problem we will sort this out for them, often on the same day and you can easily get hold of us by phone during the day and by email.  By offering top quality service and the best quality furniture we can source we are steadily building a very good reputation across the UK with our customers and this shows in the increasing numbers of recommendations that lead to new sales.

6. Trust

We realise that not everyone will have the confidence to make a big ticket purchase online without visiting some sort of retail outlet first.  Oakdiningsets has been trading for over 7 years and has grown from strength to strength as it has expanded its selection of furniture ranges and designs to keep up with the latest trends.  We have over a million pounds worth of stock held in our Midlands warehouse and our furniture showroom and offices are held under one roof in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire next to the railway station.  A new shop showroom has now been opened in Dartford, Kent which is very close to the M25 motorway around London.

7. Great Online Feedback

We are proud of the great feedback that our customers write about us.  This isn't often the case with many of our competitors so we urge customer to do a bit of online research about any other company that they are considering buying from before purchasing.  A quick Google search of the name of the company that you are considering along with the word review should bring up some unbiased online reviews if they are a business of any substance.  Try it with us under the names oakdiningsets.  We want our next potential customers to read what past customers think about us as we have nothing to hide.  We don't wish to dirty the names of any of our competitors  but we cant stress enough how important it is to research the company you choose to buy from.  We have nothing to hide.  We actively encourage potential customers to scrutinise our quality before considering a purchase.

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